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Best Foods for Age-Defying Skin


Add these to your diet to keep you looking and feeling young.
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Getting older is obviously a part of life, but there are things you can do to slow the wrinkles from appearing too soon. And it all starts with your diet.

10 Best Anti-Aging Foods

1.Olive Oil
Olive oil

Whether you're using it to bake or make home made dressing, olive oil is likely among your pantry staples. While you may already know it's good for your ticker, you may not be aware that it's also a powerful wrinkle-fighter. Unlike omega-6-packed canola oil, saturated fats, and partially hydrogenated oils found in many processed foods, olive oil is a healthy fat teeming with omega-3s, which have been shown to keep skin safe from free radical damage. The antioxidants found in olives may also help reduce skin damage that can lead to wrinkles and blemishes.

Pearl tomatoes on vine

With its high water content and plethora of vitamins, tomatoes are a prime produce pick. What really makes them shine, though, is their lycopene—a strong antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals that age skin and cause wrinkles. One study even found that eating tomato paste could help against sunburn and sun-related skin aging. To get the full skin-boosting benefit, throw your tomato on the grill before eating them. Your body can use lycopene more effectively when it's heated.


The next time you're looking to mix a chopped salad, pass on the iceberg and reach for watercress instead. Although you might shrug it off as a bitter plant, when picked young it's tender, milder, and perfect for eating raw. Because it's rich in minerals and antioxidants—including vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, and K—it's great for skin, too. In fact, daily consumption of watercress has been associated with an increase in antioxidant levels that aid in skin health.

dark chocolate

You may have heard that eating a nightly square of dark chocolate can help lower blood pressure—but the good stuff doesn't end there. Turns out, cocoa has beauty benefits, too. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that regularly eating chocolate rich in flavanols could help protect skin from harmful UV rays. Just beware: Kit Kats don't count. Overly processed candy bars have fewer flavanols than the better quality stuff.

Soy foods edamame tofu tempeh

Boost your skin's ability to stay firm as you age by swapping meat for tofu. Although research is not yet conclusive, some suggest that soy may help keep wrinkles at bay. A form of soy isoflavone, aglycone is to thank.

6.Wild Salmon

Consider omega-3-rich wild salmon your skin's best friend. The fatty acids in this tasty fish help keep wrinkles and fine lines away by keeping skin supple and moisturized. Omega-3s may even boost your skin's defenses against UV damage. Need another reason to feast on the freshwater fish? The Vitamin D in salmon helps maintain healthy bones and teeth.

7.Plain Greek Yogurt
Bowl of greek yogurt

Protein is your pal, especially when it comes to maintaining firm, wrinkle-resilient skin and warding off crow's feet. "It's rich in B vitamins, which help to detox skin."

red ruby grapefruit

Grapefruit is more than just a diet food—it's a citrus-based blessing for your skin; specifically, stretch marks. Each half contains 59 percent of your daily value of vitamin C, which is essential for the protection of skin cells. Even more importantly, vitamin C is linked to collagen formation, which ties in directly to skin elasticity. The more elastic your skin remains as you age, the more youthful you'll look.

mango chunks on a plate

Mangoes do more than whisk you away on a tropical mental vacation—they protect skin from harmful free radicals. You know, for when you actually go to a warm-weather destination. "The dietary carotenoids in mangoes protect skin against the sun's UV radiation all summer long."

plain oatmeal

When hair loss is spurred by a diet that lacks essential vitamins and minerals, oatmeal can help. In addition to keeping you satiated, oats are packed with iron, zinc, and healthy fats—all nutrients that help keep strands healthy and strong. Topping your morning bowl of oats with nuts (for additional healthy fats) or berries (for essential vitamin C) can add even more of a nutritional punch.

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