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Our roots in search, diverse backgrounds and deep experience combine to give you all the skills it takes to create and rank cuisines, diets, foods, beverages, dishes, flavors, taste under one roof.

   Our Story is a team of clever creatives, sharp dieticians, and savvy hoteliers working together to create amazing content and make sure the world sees it.  From culinary arts and dietary habits to dishes and reciepies, we’re the team brands trust to deliver best-in-class culinary and dietary content, and the traction other site can’t. Get to know us.


Our Special Thanks

To "Madam Maryama"                                      (Veteran Dietician, Maternity Hospital, Kuwait),  for giving your valuable time and sharing an important knowledge with us.  Again, Thank you for the diet, nutrition contents and proof reading for Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Meet the Website Founder

Hasnain  Zaki

Site Founder & CEO

Originally from India, Hasnain Zaki joined as a Co- Founder & CEO in the Summer of 2018.

Zaki, Masters in Business Administration from University of Rajasthan - India & graduated from the SBIHM School of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition - India, where he learned the power of Management, Culinary Arts and Dietary Habits.

Before that, he spent several years developing his culinary, dietary and management skills through working with clients in a variety of industries such as travel, diet, food, and beverage. Zaki is passionate about creating unique food, beverages, reciepes, dishes, diets and building relationships through outreach as a diet, food and beverage Specialist.

When he’s not working, you can find Zaki running raj trails, devouring anything vanilla-infused, listening to music, or writing about his new favorite restaurant or workout joint for


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